Rimmel Salon Pro by Kate Moss #review


With gel nail varnish becoming increasingly popular, I wanted to try Rimmel Salon Pro by Kate Moss, and see if it really does live up to the salon gel brands.

I tried the varnish in the Hip Hop shade which I really like, it’s bright and bold – perfect for summer! As you can see from the photo, the nail varnish has a really impressive high shine finish. It also applies really easily and dries fast – on the image I’m wearing two coats.

I can’t complain about the price either, with the product being under £5. The varnish is supposed to stay on for 10 days, so far I’ve had it on for three and it’s still going strong.

One thing that I did expect from the varnish is a thicker consistency; however, I really can’t fault it, I’m hugely impressed with these varnishes. With Kate creating 10 shades altogether, I’ll definitely be purchasing more from this range!

I purchased mine from Boots, and at the moment if you spend over £10 on Rimmel products, you receive Rimmel Volume Scandal Eyes Flash Mascara absolutely free – Brucey bonus!!

Have you tried it yet?


Tk Maxx

Those of you who regularly read my blog will know by now that I love a good bargain!
Which is why I was excited to hear that the Tk Maxx store in Grimsby was having a refurbishment; particularly when I was invited along for a browse.

If I’m honest, I’ve never previously been a big Tk Maxx shopper; I think that’s because (and I can only speak for my local store) everything was previously a bit squashed in and over crowded.

However, the new look store is much more modern and clearer, with an inviting spacious layout. This time I couldn’t wait to browse through the rails, rather than feeling flustered by them. The refurbishment really does give customers a pleasurable shopping experience, and I even picked up a couple of bargains.




In my opinion a girl can never have too many vanity mirrors, and I fell in love with this vintage look one. For £12.99 I don’t think you can go wrong, do you? Practical and pretty!


I also purchased this hair dryer as a gift for my friend; it was only £14.99 (RRP £49.99) and she seemed to love it! I chose it for the discounted brand, meaning it will probably be good quality, and because of its fun leopard print design.


I also purchased a couple of clothing items for myself, which I will post about as I wear them. Tk Maxx has convinced me that it is perfect for fashion and household items, making it the ideal place to get those all important Christmas gifts!

Overall I am extremely impressed with the store – sticking to its moto of big brands at small prices, whilst also making the customer feel like they are in a brand new store is excellent.

I will definitely be returning to find some more bargains so keep an eye out 😉

Festival Survival

After attending music festivals for a number of years now, in the UK and abroad, I thought they deserved a post!

Festivals aren’t for everyone – but for me there is nothing better than live music, a few carefree days in a field and some good company.

The main thing non-festival goers seem to ask about is the cleanliness; as a lover of beauty products, hair straighteners and clean showers myself, I understand the concern!

Most festivals do provide showers, however, they are the kind that would probably make you feel more dirty after you’d had one. Everyone is in the same boat, so don’t worry too much, and a weekend of being a bit stinky really is worth it!

There are some essential beauty products that can help you on your way:

First of all, nobody should attend any festival without some dry shampoo! It really is a lifesaver, and revives and freshens up hair once it begins to get a little greasy. I usually go for the batiste brand, which has a number of flavours available – this time I have opted for cherry.


Remember to rub or brush through hair after applying dry shampoo, otherwise it will leave white bits in your hair, which is fine if you want to go for the grey streaks look.

The next essential is wipes, take plenty of them because you will use them no end. I like to use face wipes which include vitamin e; it is good for skin and all of the food and drink consumed is bound to take its toll on your complexion.


Take a good moisturiser and sun cream – dry, burnt skin isn’t going to be on top of your festival list. Simple’s kind to skin moisturiser has sunscreen protection and vitman e included – ideal!


Other items to remember for cleanliness are a toothbrush, toothpaste, hand sanitizer, toilet roll, deodorant and a small compact mirror. Some of these seem obvious but I’ve mentioned them anyway because you definitely wouldn’t want to forget them!

I try and keep makeup to a minimum, sticking to items that I’ll definitely wear. It’s a long walk from the car to where you will pitch, therefore, nothing unnecessary should make it into your rucksack!

Which leads me to my next point – make sure the bag you take is a rucksack, the first festival I attended I took a holdall with wheels, which was difficult to carry because of the rough strap and it was impossible to drag through the mud – I needed rescuing with a friends wheelbarrow! Good rucksacks also have body straps which make them more comfortable, and helps spread the weight.


A handbag big enough to fit a waterproof poncho in, along with any other items you may wish to carry around with you is important for the daytime.


Remember these items, along with some clothes for all weather conditions and of course wellies – and you’ll be all set 🙂

Cosmo on my iPad

Magazines are just the best form of escapism, I love them and have done from a very early age.
As a child any pocket money I received would often go on the classic brands such as J17, Sugar and Smash Hits (showing my age!)

I didn’t realise it at the time but my love for magazines is probably what led me to study journalism, which gained me my job as a Features Writer, at a regional publishing house.
I’m definitely a traditional print girl, brands have to keep up to date with technology but there’s just nothing better than getting cosy with a copy of your favourite mag. Right?

However, as much as I am a print girl, this month I thought I’d embrace the new and read my favourite magazine, Cosmopolitan, from my iPad.
The first thing that stood out to me was the ease of it; there’s no having to dash out to the newsagents for my magazine fix, it’s available right at the end of my finger tips – there, just waiting for me.

The second was the quality, the front cover looks so clear it could be a handheld copy.


The pages just glide across with ease, without any loading time or errors; its as easy as turning a page! For convenience you can also tap the bottom of the screen and it brings up all of the pages, meaning you can scroll across to any part of the publication you wish.


I was reading the application before bed, and found myself being drawn into features exactly the same as I do a print copy. If I’m honest as I focused on the content, the format I was reading had escaped my mind!

The issue was £2.99 which is slightly cheaper than a printed copy at £3.50, and subscription is currently around £33 which is incredibly reasonable! I have to admit, I’m extremely tempted to subscribe – having your favourite magazine with you, wherever you go just seems like a win, win!

The app is sophisticatedly designed, taking into account the dimensions of the iPad which makes it appealing and user friendly.

I’m really pleased that I decided to try the Cosmopolitan App; I would definitely consider it for future issues as it’s a great way of receiving my favourite news on fashion and celebs as well as life style and advice features, whilst being on the move. However, this definitely won’t be the end of print for me – there’s just something about real pages I refuse to give up.

Rainbow Roses

This week I have been a little slack on the blog front however, yesterday was my mum’s 40th Birthday and I wanted to share with you all these fabulous flowers she received – Rainbow Roses.


We were all completely fascinated with them, but I can assure you they are real!

Here’s the explanation we found online on how to achieve these beautiful multi-coloured flowers:

The rainbow rose is a rose which has had its petals artificially coloured.
The method exploits the rose’s natural processes by which water is drawn up the stem. By splitting the stem and dipping each part in a different coloured water, the colours are drawn into the petals resulting in a multicoloured rose.

These were purchased online from Interflora; what a pretty gift, don’t you think?

This weekend I am going to an 80s weekend (also for my mums birthday) so my blog will be neglected but I promise to tell you all about it as soon as I’m back!

Hope you all have a good weekend!

All That Sparkles

Lately there has been a real come back in glittery makeup; I think this is a trend we have to be careful with, I mean nobody wants to look like a bit dropped of a Christmas tree.
However, done correctly a bit of glitz can look really pretty.

I’m really into the sparkly nail look at the minute, and here is some inspiration I took from Pinterest:





After seeing these beautiful nails, I wanted to have a crack at this look myself – I bought this pretty brown shade from Accesorize, which I wore on bank holiday with a coral lace dress and brown accessories.



I was really unsure about this varnish at first, as after just one coat it was mainly clear with just a flick of glitter, after a couple more base coats it had a much fuller though 🙂

New Beauty Buy’s

As I promised myself, I dashed into town on my lunch break yesterday and picked up some needed beauty buys.
Here’s what I bought –


Bourjois – fan effect brush varnish, Barry M – mint green varnish, MUA – black & blue liquid eyeliner and Loreal – True Red lipstick.


I chose this light pink shade because the colour is lovely and girly for spring, but the metalic hint gives it an on trend edge. I was sceptical about how the fan effect brush would work; I’m rubbish with nails and don’t really let them grow, so I thought the brush would be too big for them. I still decided to give it a go, as it claims it adjusts to any nail size, and I’m glad I did. Application was so quick and easy, and it really did dry quickly too! Now I have no excuse, i must take better care of my nails!


There’s not much to say about this product; I love Barry M nail varnish and this lovely mint green shade doesn’t disappoint. It’s perfect for summer and I can see it as my choice of colour for festival season.


I needed some new liquid eyeliner and MUA, Superdrugs own range, had these beauties for only £1 each. At this price I couldn’t resist giving them a try; I like the dip pot style as it’s easy to see how much you have left and the brushes are thin, making application easy. I have only tried the blue shade on my hand but it is a really striking, electric shade. I haven’t quite decided what this will go with yet, any suggestions?



I’m a complete sucker for red lippy, it’s just timeless and Loreal true red, is the perfect shade! Red lipstick can cause problems such as marks on the teeth or the fear of touching your face in case any wipes across. However, this one seemed to be completely fool proof. It also has a stick of moisture down the centre ensuring lips don’t dry out. Definitely my favourite purchase, I love it!

Have you tried any of these products, what did you think?

New iPad 3

I haven’t posted in a couple of days, and that’s because I am the owner of a new iPad!

I’m still getting to grips with it but after just two days I am already seeing the benefits. It is so much easier to keep up to date with my blog, the WordPress App means I can check comments, edit posts and keep an eye on my stats with ease. Not to mention how useful it is for keeping up with all of your blogs and my social networking accounts.

After just two days I can already tell that this is a purchase I will not regret, in fact I’m blogging from my iPad now. I’m very much still an ameture at this but will keep you updated on my progress, any useful tips I find and good apps.


Fake it – Self Tan

Before my night out yesterday I decided to fake tan.

I usually go for a gradual self tan, but as it was a last minute decision this wouldn’t have been much use. So I used Loreal, Sublime Bronze, Airbrush-Effect, Self-Tanning Mist in medium. I had bought this product a while ago and just never got round to using it.

It says on the can that the colour doesn’t develop for a few hours, and after spraying it I decided to read some reviews online; this had me worrying as there were a number of bad reviews which stated the usual problems you’d expect a fake tan to create really – bad smell and streaking.

However, I had no need to worry as I was really impressed with the product!

The application was so easy. Literally just hold it at least 30cm away from your body and spray, and because it’s a dry mist there was no need to rub it in, eliminating the risk of orange palms. I’m by no means an experienced self tanner and quite impatient so I didn’t put too much concentration into applying it, and the result was still good.

After a couple of hours it gave me a nice glow, without looking like an orange and there were no streaks!

At £11.99 (when bought from Boots) I think this product is fantastic. I usually use St Tropez gradual tan in the summer which is slightly more expensive at around £15; I will continue to use this product as an everyday tan but my new Loreal find is perfect for the times when you need a tan almost instantly!

This product definitely has my seal of approval and I can’t understand the bad reviews I read!