Benefit Rockateur – tricks and tips

So, for my birthday I was lucky enough to receive some Benefit treats from my Mum.


It’s no secret to any beauty product junkie that Benefit delivers! All of the products are beautiful, feel light on the skin, have staying power and create a satisfying overall look.
However, as Rockateur is the new blusher on the block, I wanted to share a couple of tips that I learnt at the tester session.


Firstly, the blusher comes in the well designed packaging that we have grown to expect from Benefit, it also includes a good quality brush and mirror. The product itself gives a beautiful, bronzed glow to the face and sits lovely on the Hello Flawless foundation.
Depending on your beauty budget, £20+ may be a little steep for a blusher; therefore, I was excited to learn that it makes a beautiful lipgloss, by simply mixing the blusher with clear lipgloss and it can be used on the eyes to create a natural eyeshadow look.
Being able to use the blusher for other parts of the makeup routine, for me, makes it value for money.

Here’s my before and after:


Other tips that I’ve picked up include mixing the Benefit highlighter with the primer, this gives an added glow, and I also extend the hydration concealer up from under the eye, towards the cheek bone – this helps highlight the face.

My final recommendation is that if you’re going to purchase Benefit products or any other high brands, go and have a tester session first – that way you can be sure you’re using the makeup to it’s full potential.

I hope this post has been useful, do you have any makeup tricks or tips?


My place or yours

The truth is I should have blogged about this Gina Benefit perfume a long time ago!



I absolutely love it and only realised how much when I ran out before Christmas, and had to wait a whole month to receive some more as a gift.

I have tried mini samples of other Benefit fragrances, but Gina is definitely my favourite!


Gina smells sweet, without being too light and girly. If that makes sense? I’d also describe it as quite an earthy scent. I also have the moisturiser, which really brings the fragrance out and ensures that the scent lasts longer.


The packaging is also really modern, whilst keeping a traditional, seductive and glamorous theme.


If you haven’t already, I’d definitely recommend smelling a sample next time you pass the Benefit counter.