Benefit Rockateur – tricks and tips

So, for my birthday I was lucky enough to receive some Benefit treats from my Mum.


It’s no secret to any beauty product junkie that Benefit delivers! All of the products are beautiful, feel light on the skin, have staying power and create a satisfying overall look.
However, as Rockateur is the new blusher on the block, I wanted to share a couple of tips that I learnt at the tester session.


Firstly, the blusher comes in the well designed packaging that we have grown to expect from Benefit, it also includes a good quality brush and mirror. The product itself gives a beautiful, bronzed glow to the face and sits lovely on the Hello Flawless foundation.
Depending on your beauty budget, £20+ may be a little steep for a blusher; therefore, I was excited to learn that it makes a beautiful lipgloss, by simply mixing the blusher with clear lipgloss and it can be used on the eyes to create a natural eyeshadow look.
Being able to use the blusher for other parts of the makeup routine, for me, makes it value for money.

Here’s my before and after:


Other tips that I’ve picked up include mixing the Benefit highlighter with the primer, this gives an added glow, and I also extend the hydration concealer up from under the eye, towards the cheek bone – this helps highlight the face.

My final recommendation is that if you’re going to purchase Benefit products or any other high brands, go and have a tester session first – that way you can be sure you’re using the makeup to it’s full potential.

I hope this post has been useful, do you have any makeup tricks or tips?


Rimmel Salon Pro by Kate Moss #review


With gel nail varnish becoming increasingly popular, I wanted to try Rimmel Salon Pro by Kate Moss, and see if it really does live up to the salon gel brands.

I tried the varnish in the Hip Hop shade which I really like, it’s bright and bold – perfect for summer! As you can see from the photo, the nail varnish has a really impressive high shine finish. It also applies really easily and dries fast – on the image I’m wearing two coats.

I can’t complain about the price either, with the product being under £5. The varnish is supposed to stay on for 10 days, so far I’ve had it on for three and it’s still going strong.

One thing that I did expect from the varnish is a thicker consistency; however, I really can’t fault it, I’m hugely impressed with these varnishes. With Kate creating 10 shades altogether, I’ll definitely be purchasing more from this range!

I purchased mine from Boots, and at the moment if you spend over £10 on Rimmel products, you receive Rimmel Volume Scandal Eyes Flash Mascara absolutely free – Brucey bonus!!

Have you tried it yet?

Beauty in Bahrain #henna

During my recent trip to Bahrain, I fell in love with a new beauty regime – henna!


It’s something that I’ve always admired from afar, the detail is just incredible! It was fabulous being in a place where you can just have a henna done with ease, and my daughter loved it too!

I had two done and the ladies that did both were incredibly quick and skilled; they use a tube and just apply it freehand, it really is amazing to see! When first applied it needs leaving for 30 minutes to dry, then it goes all crumbly and comes off, leaving you with an orange pattern, after a few hours this turns dark brown.

I don’t have tattoos, mainly because I’m so indecisive that I’d be scared of going off them, so this was perfect for me!

What do you think?

Hair and makeup – check.

I’ve blogged about how fab my 11 year old sister is at creating hairstyles before, and she really is so creative!


On Saturday night, I was going out and to be honest my hair is at a stage where it could do with a trim, so I wanted it putting up. She did it for me with a braid one side, a twist the other and then a bun at the back. I don’t think I’d be as good as her at doing hair now, never mind when I was so young.


She really is talented and has got a natural flare for it; it’s a great way for her to earn a bit of pocket money too 😉 hehe. She’s great at styling her own hair as well as other people’s.

It worked out well for me because my Mum used to be a beautician, so while my younger sister was doing my hair – my mum started doing my makeup. Haha – who needs a salon? It was nice because although I love makeup, I’m a bit of a stick it on and go type – while my Mum really pays attention to detail. I could do with them at my house every time before I go out!




So here’s a little post to having a talented family 😉

Festive nails

I’m really starting to get into the festive mood now; the TV is loaded with Christmas adverts, most town centres have switched on their lights and the shops are full of beautiful gift sets.


For a spot of present buying on Thursday, I thought I’d decorate my nails in line with the occasion. I used two shades of gold: a metallic from Posh Polish and a glitter varnish from Accessorize.




This was just an experiment but I think it works, and the colours are perfect for the season; what shades will be gracing your nails over the period?

Jubilee Beauty

Some people seem to have a real problem with our countries Monarchy, and the things in which they stand for. I’m by no means a big royalist but I have no problem with the Royal Family, and love embracing the events which come as a result of having them in our country. There’s something just remarkably English about it all – and it is one of the few times that us Brits seem to show pride in our country.

After dressing my little girl up as Princess Kate for her school jubilee party, I wanted to get in on the celebration myself! To get me in the mood I will be flying the flag with some jubilee inspired makeup.

First of all I did my nails; I used Barry M, in what I’m calling my Jubilee collection.


Here are the designs I came up with.


What do you think, patriotic ay?

I also purchased this Rimmel eye palette.


It gives number direction of what shade goes where on the back. Sorry the picture is a little fuzzy, as it was so small I had to get close up to capture it.

So I got to work with using the white as a highlighter, the red on the middle of the lid, blue on the edges and the dark glittery blue in the corner.


To be honest this look is a lot more ‘done up’ than what I would usually go for but in the spirit of the jubilee and everything.

I finished the look with my Loreal bright red lippy and borrowed a red, white and blue hair grip I bought for my daughter from Tesco.

Hope you all have a great diamond jubilee, I will be spending it with family and friends at a BBQ – what are your plans?