Couch to 5k week two and three.

So, for the last two weeks I have been on holiday in Bahrain, which is why I have decided to blog about week two and three together.

I’m not going to lie, it was difficult finding the inspiration to run whilst on holiday in the lovely weather. However, I figured that half an hour out of my day, three times a week, isn’t a great deal so I stuck to it! And besides, with all the eating and drinking over the course of the holiday, my figure appreciated some exercise!

My view from the treadmill


Week 2 routine:
90 secs running and 2 mins walking for 20 minutes

Week 3 routine:

90 secs run 90 secs walk
90 secs run 90 secs walk
3 minutes run 3 minutes walk
90 secs run 90 secs walk
90 secs run 90 secs walk
3 minutes run 3 minutes walk

Each routine begins with a warm up of brisk walking and dynamic stretches, and then, a cool down of brisk walking and long stretches.

I completed all of week two whilst away and two runs of week three, which means I only need to do one run when I’m back home before Wed, as I leave Bahrain this evening. I’m really proud of myself for sticking to running, as before, I was definitely the type who wouldn’t bother whilst being away. I feel this only proves how successful the course is going, and hopefully, in a few weeks i’ll be completing the full 5K! I got that into it, I even decided to do other exercises in the gym 🙂


One concern that I do have, is that I’ve completed my runs on the treadmill on holiday and may feel the difference when going back to the pavement.

Have any of you taken up a new fitness regime lately?